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Over the past few years we've all been in awe of the transformation of retailers and what the future could look like for both on-line and off-line purchases.

We've seen our most beloved consumer marketplaces achieving global domination and even traditional brick-and-mortar retailers either being completely transformed or looking like the final scene of the Avenger's Infinity War - disappearing from existence [SPOILER ALERT].

One thing we've been gagging to talk about is a very ugly and unsexy part of retail and not many have cared to evolve it, until now. In case you haven't guessed the bias, it's logistics - yes I hate how that word sounds too (sounds very jargon-esque)! Logistics takes many different shapes and forms, however, we're more interested in taking on the direct consumer contact points; deliveries and returns.

More specifically, giving consumers the ability to order from their favourite brands and retailers and receive their order within an hour at any given time, at any location and any unwanted items can be collected by the touch of a button. This gives consumers their time back to indulge in the true experience and convenience that retailers are trying to offer. We've seen the speed of food and grocery deliveries increase (it should do, it's food after all!) but why not now for everything else?

Get in touch and send me a horror story you've had with online deliveries or returns, I'd love to hear about them!

Until next time... (I'll flesh out details in posts to come)

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