The History of Carryr

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When working within the retail sector for DFS as a sales representative, Carryr’s co-founder and CEO Chris Jordan encountered his catch 22. If he could schedule a same-day delivery for a business easily, why on earth can't the average consumer do the same with their online orders.

He made it his mission to solve this problem of inconvenience that so many people experience daily.

Since then, Carryr has evolved through multiple Prototypes and renditions. Carryr's original version was an app-based MVP, with one app for customers and another for riders. It was "things" that moved people rather than people moving things. However, when Chris began knocking on the doors of a variety of small businesses, NO ONE was interested in using it…

Hurt but not defeated, Chris started experimenting with no-code solutions and sought someone with whom to bounce ideas. In came Mike Zhang, a software developer who at the time was building an app where shoppers could find fashion products in their local area. After meeting through an online forum, they conversed ideas and shared information to help each other with their respected projects.

Carryr’s second rendition was a Facebook Messenger chatbot where a customer submits a link to a product they desire from a retailer's website, for Chris to go and grab from the store, bringing it to them within an hour.

Chris delivering the first order.

There were successful deliveries, but most of the requests were turned down since the store did not have the product or size in stock. The answer became painfully obvious, for Carryr to succeed it required access to inventory, and needed to have a delivery option available after checkout.

Thus, Chris went on the hunt for a technical co-founder. After months of unsuccessful interviews and trials, he realised that the answer was staring him in the face for nearly a year. The timing was key and persuasion was necessary, but eventually, Mike gave in and became Carryr’s second co-founder. The dream team had been assembled…

Mike and Chris quickly got to work constructing a system that would display Carryr’s delivery choice during checkout and could also read inventory levels to confirm eligibility.During this development, Carryr got its first major retailer onboard, the incredible Cambridge Satchel Company. On Valentine's Day 2020 Carryr got our first order, delivered by Chris himself on a bike!! (That customer also got a fresh red rose with their order)

Since then Carryr has only grown, hitting a huge milestone in 2021 with 100% month on month growth for two months in a row.This encouraged Mike and Chris to expand Carryr and bring on two new marketing employees, myself heading up the B2B side and Maddie in charge of B2C interactions. This story is only the beginning, there are many more brilliant things on the way for Carryr.There are exciting plans for a big launch in a brand new area, before the start of 2022 and we are constantly bringing on new retailers and hiring more people to grow the Carryr team.

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About Charles Carr

Newcastle University Business management graduate, passionate about solving the biggest issues in the retail and delivery market.
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