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Once You Track, You'll Never Go Back 👀

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We’re able to track our riders when we order Ubers or Deliveroo or even Bolts, but imagine being able to track your online fashion orders from the moment they are collected to the point where it reaches your door…

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Real-time delivery now has a special place in our hearts as consumers. The phenomenon has meant that we are in control of our deliveries. And that’s how it should be, isn’t it?

Technology is now at a point where we can track people, food, rides and even our daily Starbucks. This is the interconnected world we live in, and it is essential for companies to hop on this bandwagon to stay competitive and relevant. However, when it comes to fashion deliveries we are always left in the dark.

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We get the typical ‘your parcel will be delivered between 10am - 4pm’, but this is not good enough! This means our entire days, weekends and weeks are revolved around being available during these hours, just to ensure we don’t miss what we should already own.

For example, as of 2020, only 65% of Royal Mail customers were satisfied with their delivery time slots. As little as 56% of UPS customers were satisfied with theirs, meaning 46% of customers are unhappy with these options.

That figure is well and truly too high and we at Carryr believe that you should be kept up to date and in the loop of your deliveries when suits you. This would mean that we can choose our delivery for 3pm the same afternoon, or on Thursday at 12 as we have the day off. Carryr lets you choose when and where, plus you can see who is delivering your order.

Here’s how it works:

Once you as a consumer place an order using us as your chosen delivery option, the store you have ordered from will pick and pack the products you have chosen – ready for collection. This is typically done in minutes.

Once your order is ready, one of our speedy riders will accept the delivery and your order will be on its way for the time you've chosen! Just give the rider your unique code given on the app and bish bash bosh... It’s as simple as that.

What does this mean for you?

Essentially, this means that you are in control. Real-time tracking allows you to keep an eye on where your order is, how long it will take to get to you and the journey it goes through – at all times.  

This means:

GIF: Woman pointing

Just another way YOU can be happier with Carryr.

Until next time, Maddy 👋

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