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Since our last post we've been hard at work building our first tool that gets us closer to instant and seamless deliveries for online shopping.

Since we're in the midst of the "hottest ever" heatwave and our optimism and adrenaline is running at an all time high due to England's world cup performance, we thought it would be a great time to launch.

What are we launching?

Great question. It's simply a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that allows you to send through online product info and have it delivered very quickly (we've called it Swifty).

How does it work?

  1. Find Carryr in Facebook Messenger, click here or scan the messenger code and tap "Get Started" messenger_code_388223401550467-2

  2. Once you're welcomed with a message just tap "Try Swifty"

  3. Confirm your email address by tapping the suggested email or manually type one in. Repeat this step for your phone number too.

  4. Share a delivery location (we may contact you on arrival for confirmation of the address).

  5. Copy and paste the product URL from the retailer's website into the chat and then type in your size when prompted.

You can order multiple products by tapping "Yes, please!" when asked if you have another product to be delivered.

You can also send us products from several different retailers - just make sure they have a store in Cambridge.

If any of the items are unavailable we will contact you, otherwise, we'll be with you shortly.

  1. On arrival for delivery, we will take full payment of the products and the delivery of £4.99 so make sure to have your card ready. You will be given the receipt too!

You now have more time to relax in the sun or watch England win whilst we visit the retailer to make the purchase then get on our bike to ride straight to you.

And... that's it, we're done! Usually this would have taken a couple of days, instead, we've done this all in as little as an hour.

(As we are delivering stock from your local store, we can only operate within the store's opening times - the mission is be 24/7)

Who's this for?

We're currently only available in Cambridge with other locations around the UK to come shortly. This service is to be used for fashion retailers. Operating via bike is a lot quicker to get around the city, however, it does restrict us from delivering on the outskirts of the city. So, at the moment we can only offer delivery to Cambridge addresses/locations - we will be working on expanding this in months to come 😃

Here's a link to our chatbot, try Swifty out:

Try Swifty

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