Weaponising High Street Stores

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The British highstreet is a bloodbath. Chain stores are collapsing and independents are counting down the days until their shop gets refitted into a Starbucks.

We all know the story - brick and mortar stores are getting shafted by internet.

But it’s not quite that simple. For instance, Primark are doing alright and they are facing the same challenges as everyone else. They have simply risen to the challenge of selling the right products at the right prices.

If retailers want to survive, they need to adapt to the new Amazon shaped landscape. In short, they need to weaponise their their assets and turn their their guns on the newcomers.

Internet shopping sucks because delivery sucks - and the high street is sitting on a goldmine, that if used right could condem the horror of Yodel, CitySprint, Hermes, and the rest, to their rightful place in the history books. The physical high street stores themselves.

This is where Carryr comes in.

You see, there are two ways of looking at these stores - lumbering, unaffordable assets, or… a network of small, ready staffed, hyper local warehouses.

With a little help from Carryr, the high street can boost sales, fix sucky online delivery and, as an added bonus, kneecap the online new kids on the block.

There’s a retail war brewing, and Carryr can’t wait to be on the front line.

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