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Is Your Delivery Service Doing What It Should Be? 🤔

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We all know there have been delays recently, with COVID and Brexit affecting the way that parcel firms are operating. Although in some cases this is an unfortunate and unavoidable matter, this has led to these firms failing to satisfy their consumers… and this is the outcome:

Table: Citizens Advice delivery company rankings

But what does this all actually mean?

Customer problems - This essentially refers to how many problems the customers encountered with their deliveries. The lowest rated companies had the most problems - which refer to issues such as lost parcels, damage to them etc. Here we could assume that a 5-star service would keep parcels safe and in perfect condition.

Accessibility - This sector refers to the ease of using the service for the customers and their overall satisfaction with this. Understandably, it may be more difficult for those who are disabled and or not limited to parents of younger children to get to the door / receive their parcels in a timely manner. A 5-star service should ensure that all the use of the service is easy for all types of people, without compromising on satisfaction.

Customer service - Customer service refers to how employees of the company treat and deal with the requests of the customers. For example, if there were a delay with someone parcels the customer service employees would be responsible for communicating and resolving the problem with the customer. A 5-star customer service experience would include friendly and empathetic points of contact, who help resolve an issue whilst rebuilding your confidence in the service.

Trust - The sum of all of these categories essentially builds the trust that customers have with their delivery service. To trust them is assuming they will take care of your parcel and ensure it is delivered on time and in perfect condition - this is what a 5-star rating would consist of.

Now we know it’s not the fault of the retailer and mind you, delivery services were a godsend throughout lockdown. But as the Christmas period is approaching, what can we expect from these services, and how much can we rely on them?

Normally, when we are disappointed in a service, we can quickly contact the provider, make our complaint, and get it resolved. However, this always seems to be tricky when it comes to delivery services - 48% of people polled couldn’t get the help they wanted when they really needed it.

For example, in the Citizens Advice ranks, Hermes was given a low 1/5 stars when rated on how they deal with customer problems. Obviously, this is not ideal for a customer, and it begs the question, will anything ever change and if so, how?

The recurrent issues within this sector have become apparent, but what would an ideal 5-star delivery service look like for us as consumers?

Table: Citizens Advice rankings for delivery companies

Ideally, delivery services would rank between 4-5 stars in all departments. For this to be feasible, there need to be many changes within this sector to improve overall.

To speed this process up, the CA is now demanding stricter rules and regimens for delivery services. The aim of these rules is to better improve the whole experience for customers and to reduce parcels getting lost or stolen in the delivery process. According to the CA, as of last year, over 5 million people in the UK had parcels lost or stolen. This is due to the negligence of the courier at hand, and at least 20 million people also received a ‘sorry you were out’ card in the letterbox when they have been patiently waiting inside for their parcel.

These numbers are much higher than I would have imagined, although I’ve heard these stories all too much. Due to the laziness of SOME delivery drivers, parcels are being damaged, left in bins, stolen, or delivered with weeks of delays. To combat this, fines will be used to ensure the proper functioning of these services and to support the paying customers.

The effects of this lack of competence on the elderly and for those with young children can be highly disturbing, with many of them relying solely on delivery services to help them with their day-to-day activities. Hopefully, with stricter rules, it will mean that nobody misses out, and people are being delivered what they have paid for.

How are we at Carryr trying to follow these rules and create the best possible experience for consumers?

1. You may schedule a specific time for your rider to come with your online order. This gives you the flexibility to do what you need to with your day, whilst not waiting around for your parcel.

2. Upon delivery you will be required to give the rider the given security code to confirm a satisfactory delivery– this means the parcels are handed DIRECTLY to you, meaning there is no way of them being lost or stolen.

3. You have direct contact with your rider, to ensure the best and more personalised experience.

4. Track your rider from the moment they collect your order from a local store.

Everything we do here at Carryr is in order to make YOU feel more safe and secure when ordering online. Our presence couldn’t come at a better time, the CA is calling for stricter rules and regulations,  which we already swear by to help you feel safe and secure.

Check to see who you're ordering with and how they are ensuring the safety of your parcel this Christmas, or better yet, order with Carryr to guarantee a proper delivery.

Until next time 👋


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