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Ghosting After Purchase 👻

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Picture this.

A shopper visits your website after a friend raved about one of your products or after clicking a compelling ad via social media. They casually navigate through the essential products sections and decide to make a purchase.

Your checkout process is seamless, you offer all the essentials to your Customer from next day delivery, standard delivery, but also the fancy “same day delivery” offering which makes a customer automatically build trust with your brand!

Instantly, once the purchase has been made with you, the customer is automatically in the “buyers remorse” phase of e-commerce shopping and would like the order NOW!

GIF: Veruca Salt from Willy Wonker and the Chocolate Factory screaming "Don't Care how, I want it now"

Following the purchase, the retailer sends out a well crafted order confirmation (likely by email) detailing the customers' products on order, confirmation of the delivery options they have decided upon and potentially even recommending other products which the customer may be interested in...

And then the retailer loses the direct connection with the customer as they are now pushed out to a 3rd party shipping provider without any personalisation at all! As a retailer, why would you do that? You are instantly ghosting your customer after the most emotional and most important part of the shopper's journey!

GIF: A women sad and confused asking "why would you do this to me?"

Beyond the point of the order confirmation, there still exists a BIG customer experience gap which retailers across the globe are still neglecting, which could be used to attempt to drive traffic and/or engagement back to your brand to create both a talking point and loyalty of a customer!

This customer experience gap is on account of the fact that often the post-purchase phase of the customer journey is left to a shipping provider without any experience or intention to attempt to continue the post-purchase journey you have spent so hard building from that first click on your website!

GIF: Homer Simpson from The Simpsons looking into his breakfast contemplating and saying "I can't understand what happened."

Ghosting your customers can cause the following:

  • Unable to resolve/communicate delivery issues proactively:
    The post-purchase phase is extremely error prone with 1-5 orders being routinely delayed (Retail Shopping Experience - Mckinsey Report 2019). A lack of real-time visibility into shipments in transit makes you incapable of
    foreseeing delivery issues and offering proactive resolutions.
  • Unable to communicate adequately to reduce customer anxiety:
    Your customer will always be anxious about the arrival of their order and are known to check the status of their order up to 6 times — if you do not have an efficient post-purchase communication method, this could result in up to 6 WISMO (Where Is My Order?) calls to your support teams (Sales Force 2019).

    If there is little to no control over the most anxious stage of your customer's journey, you jeopardise your immediate relationship with the customer, but also adversely affect long term brand loyalty and retention (a Harvard Business School study found that a 5% increase in customer retention increases profits by 25%-95%).

Hints and Tips:

  1. Build customer loyalty: Stop ghosting your customers and look to use a more efficient and effective post-purchase environment. 47% of customers will stop shopping with you after just one bad delivery experience.
  2. Preventing damage to your brand reputation: Frustrated customers don’t merely stop shopping with you, they promote the bad service via TrustPilot and social media which adversely affects your Net Promoter Score. Poor personalization and lack of trust cost U.S. organisations $756 billion last year (Accenture’s 13th annual Global Consumer Pulse report).
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About Rebecca Griffiths

Rebecca, Founder & CEO @ Primis Communications has over 15 years of success within the SAAS, B2B and B2C business sectors. Having worked within the retail sectors with extensive experience in post purchase, Outbound and Returns Management across EMEA and USA. Rebecca brings in depth and industry specific knowledge that benefits the retailers and also consumers.

Having worked in previous companies like; Amazon, Inpost, Narvar and several tech startups. One fundamental part which never changes is the customer's needs. I always say, without our customers - brands have no voice.

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