Effective Sweat: Bending Over Backwards For Your Customers 🥵

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By looking at the title you might be thinking that I've lost my mind. Just bare with me...

During my retail days when I was selling and helping customers, I realised that I was doing something subconsciously that made my customers extremely satisfied with my service, it's somewhat related to empathy.

The term I used to explain what I was doing is effective sweat.

What Does Effective Sweat Actually Mean?

No it's not a weight loss program or a new dietary drug. It's a way to show your customers that you're working hard to meet their needs — usually over-emphasised as well, don't go overboard as it can become a bit of a cringe or could seem sarcastic.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • a customer asks if you have a particular item in stock, you do everything you can to check, even if you know the answer straight away. This means physically looking for the product, checking all of your inventory systems, etc. The trick is to make them aware that you're trying your hardest to look after them. The customers need to know that you'll go above and beyond, no matter the request.
  • With the above example, if an item appears to be out of stock then think about checking other stores (if you have multiple stores), check to see when your stock is getting replenished and take their details so that you can let them know when you have more in stock. The list goes on, but always go above and beyond.

Whatever scenario you're in just be sure to do whatever you can to make your customers feel special and that they feel they're being looked after.

How Can Effective Sweat Help?

First of all, effective sweat shouldn't be used alone, it should be part of many other components and tactics that form customer service framework.


Reciprocation is a response to an action or gesture by making a corresponding one.

In relation to customer service, if you go above and beyond or even put in some genuine effort to get to know you customer then they will more likely open up to you and even make a purchase. But you've got to give first — you can't expect them to make the first move.

So, by showing them that you're bending over backwards for them with some awesome customer service, they'll be more accepting to build a trusting relationship with you.

Also, by putting the effort in and finding out more about the customer, you would actually increase your chances of finding an alternative or even up-selling their order.


I thought to keep it short and sweet this week but hopefully I've sparked an idea or two to help you improve your customer service.

As always, my email is open for feedback, suggestions and ideas: chris@carryr.com

Until next time.

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About Chris Jordan

Previously managed high-street stores, now a full-on logistics nerd moving things from A to B — all day, every day!
  • Cambridge, UK
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