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How to Use Delivery Options to Increase Sales...

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Giving customers a variety of delivery alternatives builds trust in your business, which leads to increased sales, retention, and customer happiness. Whether it's a no-hassle returns policy, same-day or next-day delivery, online shoppers' expectations have risen to the point where if you don't provide a specific delivery option, your sales will suffer. If the level of service a customer requires isn't available, it's easy to jump ship and shop elsewhere, isn't it?

The Benefits of Having Multiple Delivery Options

1. A decrease in shopping-cart abandonment

The rationale for providing a variety of distribution alternatives has never been more compelling. According to a Metapack survey, half of the customers polled claimed to have left an online shopping cart because the shipping options available were inadequate or did not match their demands. You probably already know what occurred next. As many as 60% of these customers chose to buy from a merchant that did provide delivery that met their expectations

2. An increase in conversion/sales

Fact: Having more delivery alternatives leads to increased sales. According to recent research, 86% of the 800 shops polled claimed that offering extra delivery options at checkout resulted in an increase in sales. If customers are going to buy from you, it goes to reason that they would want to have a variety of checkout options.

Let’s face it, we live in the age of “I want it now”, meaning convenience is key. You may have already lost shoppers due to a lack of options at the checkout.

GIF: Graph showing an increase in sales

3. Delivery choice builds brand differentiation and loyalty

Almost two-thirds of customers think they are more likely to buy from eCommerce sites that provide a shipping experience that is faster, simpler, error-free, and completely transparent. These sellers will be the ones that inspire brand loyalty and distinctiveness.

It pays to remain on top of what customers want and track it as it changes.

According to Bizreport, 95% of consumers said they may likely shop elsewhere if a business does not provide their preferred delivery choices.

As you can see there are many benefits for retailers to offer multiple types of Delivery services, in order to keep up with the competition. When offering different delivery services; however, it is important that these services provide varied packages and ample choice to appease the widest number of customers.

GIF: I need loyalty

How Carryr innovates from the competition

Here at Carryr, we love to innovate to differentiate our service from what we've all been used to. Giving retailers and their customers alike more options and better aligned with their motivations and lifestyle when choosing to get their purchases delivered.

OTPs (One Time Password)

One of our most important company goals is to ensure the safety and security for every user we interact with and every package that we deliver. We try to make sure that our packages aren’t left in places that our customers wouldn’t want, to achieve this we create an OTP for each delivery.

An OTP offers an extra layer of security. Before our riders are allowed to sign off on any package delivered by Carryr they must enter in the one-time password sent to the customer upon arrival of the delivery. Thereby ensuring a face-to-face handover of any package, removing that annoying moment when you see your 250-pound printer has been ‘hidden’ in a bin outside your house.

Image: A £250 printer delivered to a "safe place" inside a bin

Dynamic Pricing

We are all about empowering the retailers, that’s why we don’t control the price of our delivery seen by their customers. Instead, we leave the pricing of our service up to the retailers that work with us (that’s why you might see two Carryr deliveries at different prices).

This allows retailers to decide, do they want to offer a premium delivery service at a premium price to their customers maximising their returns from every single delivery. Alternatively, do they want to offer our service at a lower rate (even for free) possibly reducing their unit margins but undoubtedly increasing customer satisfaction and even customer acquisition? Using Carryr as a marketing tool can help to stand out from the competition

Dynamic delivery option messaging

When customers see the Carryr option appear upon a retailer’s online checkout they will also notice the messaging within our delivery option, these messages are fully-dynamic and are controlled by us centrally and are reflective of real-time services.

Instead of leaving customers in the dark about when they should expect a delivery, our service allows your customers to know before they've made the purchase and to communicate in real-time how quick our riders will be able to deliver their order.

Image: an explaner of the Carryr delivery option

Got any questions? Send me a message.

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