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3 Ways to Support Your Fave Retailers in a Post-COVID World.

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A post-COVID-19 world…

COVID has most certainly changed the world we live in…From the way we shop to how we interact with others, this post COVID world is now our new ‘norm’. As Charlie has mentioned in a previous blog, 45% of UK adults received more parcels during the pandemic than ever before.

This meant a lot for e-commerce businesses, but what about consumers?

Evidently, the pandemic meant that we as consumers had to operate in different ways to so much as survive. Necessities like groceries had to be ordered online to ensure that your family was going to eat for the next week without catching the lethal virus. This created huge strains on the UK to transition to this new digital norm….

GIF: A animation of a virus

For us to live in a fair and equal world it only makes sense that for this e-commerce era, all players can join in. It is suggested that building an enabling e-commerce ecosystem requires changes in public policy and business practices to improve the digital and trading infrastructure, facilitate digital payments and establish appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks for online transactions and security.

This is a long list, of which I understand little, so let’s get back to how we as consumers can react and engage with this ever-changing market to support those businesses that we love.

The new world…

43% of people shop more often online for products they would have previously bought in stores. I know I certainly do, I never go shopping anymore because why not just pick it online and order it straight to your house? Simple, convenient, and easy.

GIF: A woman saying " It's a pandemic, I suddenly have a lot of time for online shopping"

I think a lot of people have jumped on this; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean we are buying from the same retailers.

I’m guilty of seeing ads online and buying something from somewhere I’ve NEVER even heard of before…well because, why not? If reviews are good, prices are attractive and I’m on one of my many shopping sprees I can range from random Amazon buys to my latest purchase from The Kript (sent from the US 💸💸).

Now sometimes this can lead to potential problems, such as the smaller retailers losing out to bigger corporations...

So where should our loyalties lie as now online customers?

Now, this is where it gets tricky. As we all know, customer loyalty = repeat purchases = supporting that particular business. But we can't be obliged to choose the same thing every time, we're all about spontaneity and trying new things nowadays.

With this knowledge of how the market has changed, I'm sure we all want to support some of our favourite online retailers. So how do we support our favourite retailers, without breaking the bank, without missing out on certain products and without getting flat out bored of this routine?

Here's how...

  1. Whether it's liking a post or story, a comment on their content, sharing a post or even positive word of mouth referrals. All of this can help keep positive attention on the retailers you care about.
  2. Buy from them instead of multinational corporations. This'll help support your local economy - and you're more likely to receive better a value of products.
  3. SPEAK to these stores - about what you like, what you want to see, what improvements you think they could make. It helps them get better, faster.

Supporting the smaller retailers is important to ensure the growth and success of those businesses around you. These are just 3 of MANY ways you can support your local, smaller retailers.

Meme: Guy holding hands with a female partner (multinational corporations) whilst he looks at another girl (supporting smaller stores)

We at Carryr think it's important to show and spread this love, especially post COVID.

Just a little bit of what we can do to help.

Until next time, Maddy 👋

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